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Beginners Guide to Prepare for IAS Examination: UPSC Civil Services Examination

     UPSC civil services examination is conducted every year to recruit candidates for 20+ civil services jobs, including IAS, and IPS. The UPSC Civil Services Examination is considered one of the most demanding examinations in the world because of its diverse and lengthy syllabus. The final selection of a candidate is subject to qualifying in the prelims, Mains, and interview of the UPSC IAS Examination. 

The large syllabus and the intense competition in the UPSC Civil Services Examination contribute to making it the toughest examination in the world. The reason why only a few candidates out of lakhs of aspirants can only realize their dream of becoming a civil servant. Nevertheless, you can be among those few hundreds who realize their dream of becoming an IAS officer, given you plan and study well right in the beginning stage of your preparation. 

The Beginners Guide to Ace UPSC Civil Service Examination in the first attempt

  • Pre-preparation Hustle: Before plunging into the IAS preparation, candidates must do a thorough research of the UPSC Syllabus, Exam pattern, scheme of examination, in-depth analysis of the previous year's papers, etc. Ideally, you would require a time of at least 1 year to complete the UPSC Syllabus and be exam-ready for IAS Examination. Henceforth, you can check the upsc ias application form dates from the UPSC Exam Calendar to get a rough estimate of the time you have in hand before the examination and can plan your studies accordingly. 

  • Embrace the Change: When you think itself of appearing for the civil services examination, you are already a changed person. An IAS Aspirant goes through a roller coaster ride of absorbing himself into deep studies and cutting himself off from the hush and bush of the happenings around him. Your IAS preparation will need you to cut off from any unnecessary leisure activity that doesn't contribute to your IAS preparation. Henceforth, be ready to embrace the change.

  • Choosing the right study Source: Many people have cracked the IAS examination with self-studies while many have done with the help of coaching. There is no clear roadmap to success in the IAS Examination but as a beginner, you will need to be guided the right way to channelize your studies strictly in accordance with the UPSC Exam level. Hence, if you are thinking of preparing for the IAS Examination now, you can choose the UPSC IAS GS 2023 Coaching to study under the guidance of experienced mentors and ex-civil servants. 

  • Beginners Study Plan: A comprehensive study plan focuses both on the prelims and mains examination of the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Many candidates commit the mistake of ignoring the mains until they clear the prelims examination. It is a pessimist approach to the examination and backfires once you crack the prelims examination but you have relatively very little time left to prepare for the mains examination. Henceforth, you should prepare for both the prelims and the mains examination simultaneously. 

  • Complete NCERTs ASAP: Since the level of questions framed in the IAS examination tests your core knowledge of topics, it becomes imperative to get your basics sorted. And, NCERT is the best source to do so. NCERT books are written in very simple and easy-to-understand language that makes them a great source to start with for beginners. Moreover, you can always rely on the authenticity of the NCERT books. 

  • Ideal preparation Window: Though there is no such ideal preparation time to clear the IAS Examination, a minimum of 9-12 months are necessary to cover the UPSC Syllabus. In the beginning stage of your preparation, you will need to focus on the common GS papers before preparing for the optional subjects. However, as per the ideal preparation strategy, you should cover at least 80% of your mains GS and 60% of your optional subject syllabus before the IAS Prelims Examination. In the prelims examination, you will also need to prepare for the CSAT paper, therefore, divide your study time accordingly. 

The IAS Examination is a test of your planning, strategy, and determination. So give your best and leave the rest on your hard work and persistence.

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